There is an example to compile Ralink RT307x driver by using cross-compiler.

[Step 1]

You should download Ralink RT307x driver from


[Step 2]

Unzip the package. And then editing Makefile


[Step 3]

Edit Makefile


PLATFORM := your_platform

ARCH := arm

export ARCH

ifeq ($(PLATFORM), your_platform)
# Linux 2.6
LINUX_SRC = your_linux_kernel_path
CROSS_COMPILE = your_cross-compiler_path


[Step 4]

If you need more build setting, just edit usb_driver/os/linux/


[Step 5]

In usb_driver folder, type the command - make

You will get the arm version rt3070sta.ko driver


[Step 6]

If you want to load driver and know more...

Just read the instruction in this package.

Enjoy it....Chow it.......


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